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Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time for 1000: 3 hours.
Minimum playthroughs: 11
Missable achievements: None
Glitched achievements: None
Offline: 35 (1000)
Online: 0 (0)
Cheats disable achievements: No cheats


Steins;Gate: Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram is the second sequel to the Japanese graphic novel adventure Steins;Gate and plays exactly the same way. You will be receiving and answering phone messages from various characters to advance the plot line. Unlike the previous games, your answers do not affect the ending you will get, and there is no bad ending.


Please read the two Edits at the bottom of this walkthrough before beginning. Thanks!

Your goal is to read every single message that is possible in the game and to do some miscellaneous tasks for some of the achievements. Here is how to go about that.

First things first. Press Start to get the first achievement for starting up the game. Now, select Start from the menu. Press A to advance to the next screen, or press Start button to start skipping. The game stops automatically whenever you need to take an action.

Note that you cannot always bring up the phone, and you may only reply
the first time you receive the message. At any time, press X to bring up the menu and choose Mail List to see all of the possible mails available. You want to make it so that none of them says LOCKED and at the top right it says 100% for each episode.

When the game stops for the first time automatically, press the right stick for Quick Save. Now, press Y to bring up the phone interface. (If necessary, press A until you can open up the phone) Press A to read the message for an achievement. Scroll down to the first blue highlighted text. Press A until the message is sent for another achievement. Press B until you are at the main menu of the phone. Select the top left icon, then the second choice to access the sent mailbox for another achievement

Press B until you are at the main menu of the phone again. The next three achievements involve changing the background, phone alert tone, and message alert tone. Select the bottom right Settings icon. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are the options for changing the necessary settings. Go into it and select a different one than the currently highlighted one. Choose the second choice to finalize the setting to get all of the settings related achievements.

Now press B until you close the phone. Press Start to skip until the next auto stop. Press Y to read the message. Open up the menu + mail list and check that you have read all messages in this branch. Now, press X, quick load, select the save you made above and load it. Press Y and then select the second choice. Start skipping again and make sure to finish this message branch. Keep repeating this over and over until you have 100% and completed this episode. (Note that this episode loops 4 times, and although the same message comes in, different replies are possible, so if you cannot unlock a certain branch for some reason, just move on.)

After the episode is completed, you will get achievement for finishing this episode. Again, Start the game. You will now have a choice of episode to start up and achievement will unlock that says the second branch is unlocked. Choose the second episode to start and do what you did above.

Rinse & repeat the above procedure until you have played all 11 episodes and all are at 100%. You shouldn't have much trouble except for 9th episode where you need to skip answering a mail on 8/10 12:20 titled 昨日はありがとう. The mail on 8/11 21:06 changes depending on whether you did not reply, or answered on that 8/10 12:20 mail. This is the one and only place that the plot splits based on a reply.

Now that you have 100% all the mail, you should get an achievement for doing that. And you also should have all of the game episodes completed.

From the main menu, go to Extra. We will just work from the top and access each List/Library. Go to Clear List for CG 25/50/75/100% achievement. Go to CG/Music/Movie/TIPS library to get achievement for accessing each of those library. In TIPS library, read every single TIPS so that they are all white to get 100% TIPS achievement. Back out to main menu and you should get 100% Steins;Gate cleared achievement. If you do not get this achievement, make sure that you have all of the other 34 achievements first. If you do have all 34 achievements but the last achievement does not unlock, start up any episode and then back out to Title, making sure to save the system settings as you back out.

I hope you enjoyed the game and the easy 1000. See you in our next Japanese adventure!

Edit: Thanks to Predator Pete for pointing this out. You may be missing one achievement called フォーントリガー】未読メールを残したままクリアする in addition to the get all achievement at the end of everything. Just start up any scenario and skip like crazy by holding down on RB. Only open up the phone if it simply won't let you continue skipping. And even then, only click A to check the message or answer the call. You should have at least one unread message at the end of all this, which will unlock that last achievement.

Edit 2: Thanks to Matt DB87 for letting me know that mailing list does not become available until you clear the episode. So, just skip through and get to the ending first. The fastest way to get to the end is to hold down RB so it skips everything.

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