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Ok I'm having some trouble here.

At the first garrison I tried killing the dragon with the bow and it failed. The first time the fucking scientists killed it, so I tried to kill them all but they infinitely respawn. Then I tried again and got the dragon back outside the barrier and then ran out of explosives. The vendor wasn't working.

Figured ok, I need to go inside to Darling and finish the mission, or so I thought. Did that, and then came back out the the stupid dragon disappeared. The vendor was there now and I magically got ALL my weapons back!?

Now I thought to myself, I'll do it later and now I'm going to get Running Man. Well there is no dragon around and now it's forcing me to do a hostage rescue that I don't want to do right now! On top of that it seems like I am always in a mission and still haven't saved my game.

Am I overreacting? Do I need to just play and then get them later? I keep thinking I'm going to miss something or a good spot to do it.

The guide makes it out like you can do those at the VERY first garrison, but how!?
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