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Since the achievements are pretty much self-explanatory, I'm not considering writing a guide but I would like to add some notes.

Difficulty: 3/10
Approximate time: ~6 hours

Like the Japanese Wiki said, Caladrius is an easy 710/1000 even if you've never played a shump in your life. To be honest, even 710 could be the cut-off for regular shump player.

You can get all achievements in PRACTICE MODE difficulty except for clearing the game with each character, clearing the game without continue with each character, clearing Boss Rush Mode and the No Miss.

In the 710/1000 section, you can grab every achievements except collecting 1000 ether chips, clearing the game without continue with each characters, clearing Boss Rush Mode and the No Miss.

For clearing the game with each character, you need to play on EASY starting from STAGE 1 in STORY MODE but continue are allowed. Caladrius is unlocked by clearing the game with Alex, Kei and Maria.

Here's a video for the life gems/sols achievements (Credit goes to Youtuber nisiyason):

Difficulty: 8/10
Approximate time: ~25-30 hours (depending on skills)

For the dedicated players and shump veteran, 900 may be possible.

Playing on EASY starting from STAGE 1 in STORY MODE (NO DAMAGE OFF), you will need to:

-Beat Bosh Rush Mode
-Clearing the game with each character without continue

*****I AM WARNING YOU, DON'T BE FOOL BY THE WORD "EASY". I don't know if Moss knows the meaning of the word easy but easy is harder than any CAVE's shump at normal (I would say Caladrius at easy difficulty and Mushihime-sama Futari at original difficulty is a fair comparison).

FORTUNATLY, MOSS HAD THE DECENCE TO ALLOW RESTART STAGE UNLIKE CAVE's SHUMP. So, makes good use of the restart feature, the TRUE LAST BOSS need to be beat.

In OPTIONS, you can put the life and bomb stock at 5.

If you have the intention to do the 900/1000 section, I would say start with the boss rush mode. If you can beat the boss rush mode, you may have a serious chance for the 1CC achievements. The boss patterns are something in this game, it's not really the regular stage section where you will struggle. Trying to go for the 1CC right away is not bright since you will have to redo the stage each time you miss at the boss and waste precious time.

For the 1CC, don't forget to grab the purple life gems to get 4 extra lives and 3 extra bombs along the way.

I don't have any serious advice to give but PRACTICE, PRACTICE...PRACTICE. Learn the patterns, don't give up and have the any shump. For my own setup, I use the one of Maria but change his middle one with the Tempest Willow of Kei. I'm confortable with it, but it's my own view.

For collection 1000 ether chips, you can play on PRACTICE diffuclty but could be a long grind. A single playthrough give at least 18 chips...could give 20 chips but then again. If you recieve 20 chips per playthrough (~30 mins), it would mean 50 playthroughs (~ 25 hours).

Difficulty: 10/10
Approximate time: ??? (depending on skills)

Not much to say, the last 100G is for beating the game on EASY from STAGE 1 in STORY MODE (NO DAMAGE OFF) without losing a single life.

If you ever intend to go for this achievement, the only thing I have to say is GOOD LUCK.

Personally, I "No miss" stage 1 to 5 during one of my 1CC and add 5 bombs at the beginning of stage 6 (I used 1 bomb against the boss at stage 4 and 2 against stage 5's boss). The stage 6 is just annoying and will require a bunch of practice. On the road to the True last boss, there's blue arrows shooting unblockable spears (unless you use a bomb but then again...). As for the True last boss himself (herself should I say), she has ridiculous patterns totally mind-blowing and bombs are more or less useful other than cancel the bullets in the screen (can work for phase 1 and 2 but...).

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