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This is DONE

@ Joda X Yes we do.

Getting a group together for Saturday the 4th. I successfully did the majestic achievements and I am absolutely reliable, please be the same.
Will be 8 o'clock U.S eastern time, add me to confirm: hardsnorko.

Try to gather as much controller as possible, the more we have the better.
Very preferable to have a mic. If not, you better listen and be a damn good message writer. Be serious and let everyone get the achievements before you fool around, but this is a game so feel free to have fun!

Current List:

-hardsnorko : 2 Controllers : host unless anyone has better connection.
-heavydwayne : 2 Controllers
-Rogerson x : 2 Controllers
-andre171 : 2 Controllers
-look for h : 1 Controller?
-EmotiveWhale : 2 Controllers (Possibly 3)
-Joda x : 2 Controllers

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