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I'm gonna do my best to keep the same format...attempt it atleast lol, since the last 5 cases haven't been finished on here. I won't have any nice pictures or anything, but its a 5 star case guide for the Arson Cases.

Case 17 : The Gas Man

Newspapers: 0
Clues: 16
Interview Questions: 16

Location: Steffans House Fire

After arriving go to the left side of the house. Inspect the black charred box on the ground.

Clue 1/16: Heater Serviced by Ryan

Interview: Mr Steffans - Questions

Clue 2/16: Competition Ticket

Question 1: Travel Competition
Assessment: (A) Truth
Evidence: N/A

Clue 3/16: Suburban Redevelopment Fund

Question 2: Suburban Redevelopment
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Before leaving, use the phone down the street to get a new location.

***(Warning)***: If you do not visit the travel agency before apprehending the suspects, a glitch will occur where Cunningham will not be present. The door will be inactive and the player will be forced to restart the case.

Location: Gulliver’s Travel Agency

Upon arriving at the agency, you will talk to John Cunningham. He will provide a ledger where you will need to tap your finger on the Steffens family and the Sawyers family on the left hand page. After selecting the families' names, you will now interview him.

Interview: John Cunningham - Questions

Question 1: Suburban Redevelopment
Assessment: (A) Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Promotional Travel Contest
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Location: Sawyer House Fire

Upon arriving, you'll meet Albert Lynch and Jake Rampley. After the cutscene, talk to the coroner and then examine the bodies of the deceased family. There is an InstaHeat regulator valve near the outside front right corner of the house, on your right as you enter the crime scene.

Clue 4/16: Regulator Valve

After discovering the valve, you will need to chase down Herbert Chapman, a known pyromaniac who is identified by Albert Lynch. You will have to chase down and tackle him, or wait until he has run out of stamina and fight him hand to hand. He is the first suspect in this case.

Location: Suburban Redevelopment

The site turns out to be an Elysian housing development work site. Enter the building to your left to discover a note from Leland Monroe on the desk.
The Fire Station No. 32 location will now become available.

Location: Fire Station No. 32

Clue 5/16: Heater serviced by Varley
Clue 6/16: InstaHeat Model 70

When you arrive, Albert Lynch will show you the heater panel from the Sawyer house. He will then explain how the explosion happened and set up a demonstration for you to complete.

Bunsen Burner – Left
Regulator Valve – Middle
Balloon – Right

Location: InstaHeat Factory

Upon arriving, speak to the secretary, she will direct you to Mr Rasic's office behind you.

Interview: Mr Rasic - Questions
Question 1: InstaHeat Model 70
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Heater service history
Assessment: (Y) Lie
Evidence: Heater serviced by Ryan/Varley

Clue 7/16: List of gas fitters
Clue 8/16: Ivan Rasic’s Statement

Automatic after questioning.

Clue 9/16: Clemens’ criminal record
Clue 10/16: Ryans criminal record
Clue 11/16: Varley’s criminal record

Use the phone to your left to check all of the names on the list for criminal records. The names of Walter Clemens, Matthew Ryan, and Reginald Varley will appear in your notebook, as well as their criminal record clues. Talk to Rasic again for the addresses of all three suspects.

Clue 12/16: Clemens’ anarchist pamphlet
Clue 13/16: Ryans anarchist pamphlet
Clue 14/16: Mosquito Coils

Mr Rasic will then lead you over to the three’s lockers. First open Clemens’; examine the pamphlet on the left. Ryan’s is next; filled with lots more pamphlets. Last but not least, Varley’s, you’ll automatically pick up a box, press A to further investigate for the clue.

Location: Clemens’ Worksite

After cutscene, you will automatically question Clemens.

Interview: Walter Clemens - Questions

Question 1: Knowledge of Varley
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Clue 15/16: Walter Clemens’ Statement

Question 2: Employment with InstaHeat
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 3: Knowledge of Ryan
Assessment: (Y) Lie
Evidence: Clemens’ anarchist pamphlet

Location: Varley’s Worksite

After the cutscene, chase down Varley. Stop him with a warning shot before he reaches his truck and flees. Easiest time to do this is right as he’s leaving the backyard area and crossing into the construction.

Location: Ryan’s Worksite

Another chase. Matthew Ryan will try to escape in his car. He’s a little crazy to follow at first but gets easier, be careful of his tight turns. Biggs will try to shoot out his tires but if he fails to stop Ryan, a tram will eventually run into Ryan's vehicle, causing it to roll and ending the chase. At times, the tram will not stop Ryan. If it doesn't, then continue chasing him until he hits a pole.

Location: Wilshire Police Station

At the station Ryan will be in Interview Room 1 and Varley will be in Interview Room 2. You’ll want to go to Interview Room 2 with Varley first.

Interview: Reginald Varley (Interview Room 2) - Questions

Question 1: Work at Sawyer Residence
Assessment: (Y) Lie
Evidence: Heater Serviced by Varley

Question 2: Suburban Redevelopment
Assessment: (Y) Lie
Evidence: Clemens’ statement

Question 3: InstaHeat Model 70
Assessment: (Y) Lie
Evidence: Mosquito Coils

After questions, press (B) to leave interrogation so that you can go interview Ryan. Charging Varley will cause your case to end and you will get 3-Stars and and lecture.

Interview: Matthew Ryan (Interview Room 1) - Questions

Question 1: Anarchist Literature
Assessment: (Y) Lie
Evidence: Ryan’s Anarchist Pamphlet

Question 2: InstaHeat Model 70
Assessment: (Y) Lie
Evidence: Ivan Rasic’s statement

Question 3: Suburban Redevelopment
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Clue 16/16: Matthew Ryan’s Statement

Question 4: Attempted Murder Charge
Assessment: (Y) Lie
Evidence: Ryan’s Criminal Record

Proceed to charge Ryan. Case Closed.
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