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Case 18: A Walk in Elysian Fields

Newspapers: 0
Clues: 13
Interview Questions: 8

Location: House Fire

Clue 1/13: Bodies Moved
Clue 2/13: Family Photograph

Follow the coroner inside. After the cutscene, look on the ground at marker "B" for the photograph clue. Then proceed outside for another cutscene with Biggs. Before heading over and talking to the neighbor, go around the house to the right side to find a charred black box on the ground next to the evidence marker "C". There is a newspaper in the front yard on the right side on the ground.

Clue 3/13: Water Heater
Newspaper: 10/13

Now go to the neighbors yard but before speaking with him there are two clues on the ground beneath his tree, inspect them both.

Clue 4/13: Cigarette Butts
Clue 5/13: Boot Prints

Interview: Dudley Forman - Questions

Clue 6/13: Weekend Away

Question 1: Morelli Witness Report
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Clue 7/13: Houses to be demolished

Question 2: Planned Demolitions
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 3: Promotional Travel Contest
Assessment: (A) Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 4: Suspicious Activity
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

After the questions he will head inside to get you a flyer. Biggs will come back with an origami crane and a cutscene.

Clue 8/13: Origami Crane
Clue 9/13: Elysian Fields Flyers

After Dudley comes back. Go to the phone to get the Elysian Fields Development address. You'll get a lovely phone call from your boss

Location: Rancho Escondido

You'll arrive to a cutscene. Immediately afterward you'll have to knock a few people out to trigger the end of the riot. After the riot has left you'll be able to look around. Walk up to the chimney and slightly to right and inspect.

Clue 10/13: Poor Cement Quality

Now go to Elysian Fields Development.

Location: Elysian Fields Development

Speak with the receptionist when you get there to get a meeting with Leland Monroe. You're welcome to walk around and look at his office before questioning him but there's nothing relevant to the investigation.

Interview: Leland Monroe - Questions

Question 1: Elysian Linked to Arsons
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Promotional Travel Contest
Assessment: (Y) Lie
Evidence: Elysian Fields Flyers

Question 3: Local Land Aquisitions
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 4: Rancho Escondido Fire
Assessment: (Y) Lie
Evidence: Poor Cement Quality

Achievement : Huckster

After speaking with Leland, before you leave check the secretarys desk. Inspect #3 Herbert Chapman.

Clue 11/13: List of Contractors

Go downstairs go into the room on the right. Use one of the phones in here. You find that Chapman was released. After a long cutscene when you get back in your car, go to Chapmans residence.

Location: Chapman's Apartment

Clue 12/13: Mosquito Coils
Clue 13/13: .45 Caliber Amunition

After a quick cutscene, inspect the car to your left. Look in the trunk for both clues. After inspecting all 3 items, you'll see Chapman come out of the laundromat. Now chase him. To stop him pull up to the side of him and let your partner shoot.

Case Closes after a cutscene.
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