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Case 19: House of Sticks

Newspapers: 0
Clues: 11
Interview Questions: 3

Location: California Fire and Life

This case starts out a little different. You're Jack Kelso. Now scroll down the letter. When you pull out the case file, read the paper behind the pink slip for the next clue.

Clue 1/11: Settlement Letter
Clue 2/11: Buchwalter Case File

Interview: Elsa Lichtmann - Questions

Question 1: Disrupted claim payout
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Connection to Buchwalter
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 3: Motive to dispute
Assessment: (A) Truth
Evidence: N/A

Clue 3/11: Slip of Paper
Obtained automatically.

Now follow the secretary upstairs to have a friendly chat with the boss man.

Location: Elysian Fields Site

Look Familiar? We were here earlier. When you arrive walk into the office and search for clues. One on the far left desk and the other two are on the far right desk. If you went into the office in the earlier case, you'll find the same memo.

Clue 4/11: Cement Delivery Receipt
Clue 5/11: Demolition Order
Clue 6/11: Company Memo

As you're leaving a man will tell you to buzz off, beat him up and he'll give up the next location.

Location: Demolished House

Go to the back left side of the house and inspect the red flag marker near where two guys are standing taking a smoking break (next to a pile of flammable wood I might add..) Correct piece is the bottom piece.

Clue 7/11: Broken Wood

Now run for you life. You can't just flat out outrun the bulldozer, and this may take a few attempts but the quickest way to end it is to jump up on the first larger platform (3rd obstacle) and turn around and shoot the guy. Took me about 3 tries to get it timed right.

After that's over go to the telephone to get the next location.

Location: Keystone Film Studios

Talk with the security guard when you arrive. He will leave for lunch, so hop the fence to gain access. Take your first right, go past the horse and take a right again, then take a final right so that you see a bunch of piles of lumber . For the first clue check the short stack of lumber near the far fence and on the right. For the next clue check the stack opposite of that.

Clue 8/11: Lumber Delivery Receipt
Clue 9/11: Inferior Quality Lumber

Now go back around the building and enter the screening room. Check the table directly to the right as you enter. Then open up the machine box and start the film for a puzzle.

Clue 10/11: Film Canister

Top Dial - Center
Bottom Dial - One spot left of Center
Flip the switch at the bottom and proceed to watch the film.

Clue 11/11: Film
Obtained by completing the puzzle.

Leave the room, hop the fence and use the phone in the security hut.

Location: The Blue Room

A short cutscene will be shown. Afterwards you'll receive a new location.

Location: Elysian Fields Site Two

During the cutscene you notice a flickering light across the street. Go investigate, in the building and up the stairs to trigger the next scene. No matter how much you fight back, you will get whooped in the end and stuffed in a trunk.

After you break free find the closest vehicle and drive. Now you must escape your pursuers. I found it fairly easy because I cut through some gas station parking lot took a hard left into an alley, no worries if you don't lose them immediately there's plenty of alleys in between and eventually you will lose them.

You arrive at Elsa's apartment and after a cutscene case closes, 5 stars.
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