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Case 20: A Polite Invitation

Newspapers: 1
Clues: 7
Interview Questions: 3

Location: Medical Clinic

As Jack Kelso again you must endure some cutscenes.

Clue 1/7: Inferior Lumber
Clue 2/7: Redevelopment Fund
Obtained automatically.

Head downstairs, out the door and to the next location.

Location: Curtis Benson's Apartment

Check the mailboxes out front to learn his apartment is #2. It's up the stairs and to the left. After a short but sweet conversation, you are able to look around and get your clues. Check the desk beside the front door with a picture of a lady in green above it. Then check the glass dining table for the other.

Clue 3/7: Insurance Agreement
Clue 4/7: Share Certificate

Now to interview the boss man himself.

Interview: Curtis Benson - Questions

Question 1: Motive for fraud
Assessment: (Y) Lie
Evidence: Share Certificate

Question 2: Suburban Redevelopment
Assessment: (Y) Lie
Evidence: Insurance Agreement

Question 3: Buchwalter Case Settlement
Assessment: (X) Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Location: California Life and Fire

Upon arrival take the elevator up and go into your office to find the case file sitting on your desk. Read the pink slip, tap the row labeled INDEPENDENT VALUATION (House & Land) for the first clue. Then check the top right of the blueprints for the longitude and latitude.

Clue 5/7: Improved Land Value
Clue 6/7: Buchwalter Case File

Then a cutscene will automatically take over. You will appear outside the Hall of Records afterwards.

Location: Hall of Records

Enter the building and speak with the guard at the front desk. He will direct you to go upstairs. Go up the first part and take a left, its the first right. Once inside, the guy at the desk will take you the "S" shelf. Hit "A" on the vibration. Flip the page, and then tap the name "C.Sheldon" on the second page.

He will then direct you to a nifty map. Adjust the dials appropriately. The left dial moves a little up, and the right dial, take it way to left. Then the guy will take you to an old fashioned calculator.

Clue 7/7: Elysian Lot 1876988

Enter in : 1876988
Then : division button
Enter in : 90 000
Then hit the golden lever on the right for your answer which is 20.

He then informs you A = 0 so your number will be 21. The 21st letter of the alphabet is "U". Go to the shelf and inspect at the vibration. Second page, tap the lot number 1876988, owner being Randall Jones.

A cutscene will take over and you will pull your gun out. Kill them all to proceed to the next cutscene.

Location: Kelso's Apartment

Simply answer the phone and obtain the next location.

Location: Leland Monroe's Mansion

When you arrive, some of your old buddies are waiting for you. Time for an infiltration. Kill all the guys in the courtyard but be careful and don't rush too much, your squad will take care of most of them. After you kill the first ones in the courtyard a second group will appear at the top of the steps.

After clearing them out kick in the door and shoot the first two quickly before they kill you. Then head into the double doors behind the bear, aim immediately, kill him and continue.

You will come across a lady with a gun. She will shoot you in the arm, but you only knock her out.

Continue through the mansion shooting enemies (its fairly linear). Monroe will be in the room right after the bathroom. After shooting him in the leg you get to search his office.

First check the safe for a few things: a green book with payroll information in it. Blank shares worth $400,000 each. Finally a file on Dr. Fontaine. Next, search the table behind the desk for a picture of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund as well as a newspaper. Finally check the folder on his desk for names of the people who wouldn't sell their houses.

A cut-scene will occur and the case will finish.
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