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Case 21: A Different Kind of War

Newspapers: 2
Clues: 7
Interview Questions: 0

You start off as Kelso in your last case. Get in your car and go to your first location.

Location: Rapid Exterminators

Go inside and question the guy behind the counter, he knows nothing. But before you leave, check the counter for a newspaper.

Newspaper: 12/13

Drive to your next location.

Location: Nuclear Bug & Rodent Control

Enter the shop and talk with the clerk. Again, nothing useful here. Next Location.

Location: Westlake Pest Control

Enter the business and talk with the guy behind the desk. He gives you the information you need. The arsonist lives at Ranch Bunkhouse.

A cutscene occurs and you're immediately switched to Cole Phelps and must investigate Mr Fontaine's untimely death.

Location: Doctor Fontaine's Office

Walk inside and in the second room, there's a grey cabinet in the far left corner, inspect it for your first clue.

Clue 1/7: Morphine Cabinet
Achievement : Magpie (If you've recovered every single clue so far, if you've only missed a couple you should still recieve this achievement sometime this case)

Head into the office and search for more clues. Check Fontaine's body, his left hand for a lighter inscribed "I.H.", the right side of his neck for a comment. Check the glass behind the desk. Check the edge of his desk for the last newspaper.

Newspaper: 13/13

Now to the left of the newspaper on the desk is a sketch pad, investigate it and uncover the whole map. Then click on the paper next to the pad for your next clue.

Clue 2/7: Freeway Route

Now check the floor opposite of the desk for the crystal ball. Then check the table to right of the crystal ball, next to the door. Tap the first page, then flip the page and tap the name SAWYER.

Clue 3/7: Crystal Ball
Clue 4/7: Fontaine's Blackmail Letters

A cutscene takes over.

Location: Ranch Bunkhouse

Back to Kelso. Head inside to poke around. Immediately to the right on the table you find your first clue.

Clue 5/7: Flamethrower

Now head a little further in. Ignore the door on the left, get to the fireplace and turn right into the open doorway, you discover the origami crane room.
Check the table to the right as you enter, the check the wall next to the door you entered in for your last 2 clues.

Clue 6/7: Origami Cranes
Clue 7/7: Photographs of Okinawa

Now, check the River Tunnel plans on the window where all the candles are. A cutscene will then follow..

Location: Wilshire Police Department

As Phelps, you'll recieve the transmission in a cutscene. After one more cutscene, you'll be required to escort Kelso to the tunnels.

Location: LA River Tunnels

As Kelso, you're now in the tunnels. Its fairly linear. There's two seperate rooms with guns along the way, in the second you will automatically pick up the flamethrower. After that keep following untill you find Elsa and a cutscene.

Location: Chichester Chapel

One last cutscene.

Achievement : Moth to a Flame
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