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Originally Posted by Sonoki View Post
This looks like a cry baby to me...
aww isn't that cute someone who added nothing to the discussion other than to insult someone... here you go, a little dance just for you. If you like the game more power to you, the rest of us will sit and laugh at how horrible this game has become. It was fun at one point in time, but that time passed, how they can continue to push out DLC guardians when the game remains broken for a large portion of their populace makes me chuckle.

You realize you shouldn't have to find a work around to get the game to work as intended. You shouldn't have to miss out on playing as characters you purchased with real money to play the game.

Why it's already May, the gold mode glitch started in like January. It's really taken them 5 months to finally find a solution to the problem... haha go ahead and keep giving this company your money. Have they even patched the gold mode or attack speed glitches yet?
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