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Looking for 5 players to Help boost the following Achievements:

Crimson DLC:

Now They Fly?: Airborne kill in the Warthog
Clay Pidgeon: Shoot an enemy who is airborne from a Man Cannon
Special Delivery: Kill an enemy with melee when landing from a Man cannon

Majestic DLC:

Didn't see it comin' : Assasinate an enemy who's in zoom mode
Bird of Prey: "5 air assassinations"
Bulletsponge: two close call medals in one match
Clever Girl: 5 kills while Active Camo is on
Flash of Light: Double kill with one pulse grenade
Pigs can fly: Kill 3 enemies while they are using Jetpack
I thrust at Thee: perform a melee kill right after using thrust pack

Castle DLC:

All achievements

I have 2 guests to make it easier finding people to play. I am online now for the next 2 hours. So anytime now would be appreciated

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