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Originally Posted by uait View Post
I was 11/12 and i was sure i did not kill the Neon Snake (never seen one).

So yesterday i went on hunt for the snake, found it, killed it... and no cheevo.
Stats said 11/12, as before.
I thought it was a glitch, went out and killed a snake again, counter always on 11/12.
Gave up.

Went to a side mission and as soon as i killed the first turtle... BLOP, cheevo.

So snakes should not be in that list (when you kill a snake you can't even take skin or what it is... they're like crows or mantas).

The 12 animal could be that water snake i can't name?
No, the neon snake is one of the 12. There's even a checklist of the 12 in the data console.

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