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Originally Posted by the real a 0bsolete View Post
i will give you a couple tips from my 1999 run-
1. GET WINTER SHIELD, most of the tough battles have sky hooks / lines that you can grapple on, makes them a sinch.
2. snipe lots
3. for the siren battles, don't sit back. kill them as quickly as possible. if they live longer than a minute, you are doing it wrong. i would unload on them with the hail fire (fully upgraded), a hail fire with full ammo should kill them
4. always have at least 1,000 dollars on you to be able to respawn
Sirens can be killed in about 15 seconds, just get fully upgraded Charge and if possible - melee gear, Brittle Skin and Burning Halo are best! I beated them all on first try, except the first one, because I didnīt really get how to do it.
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