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Originally Posted by SKIN RIP View Post
Another way to make easyish money is play Quick Play , Paint Job, Moscow, I earn about 1k every two minutes and the best thing about this is u don't have to do anything....start the race, leave your phone alone retry and repeat .....the only down side is it's not great for earning XP
hi, ermm... Am i reading this wrong or are you writing wrong because 1k every two minutes will take 200000 minutes to reach 100000k which is 138 days nevermind the grind to get money for the upgrades and that is just daft lol that's why i don't know if im reading it wrong or not, i would like to know please?

besides that what i do is for the rep i do quick play drift on Miami, for the extra rep i used the sponsor and the most rep i remember getting is 63000, the most money i get is about 115000 in just 3 minutes and that is still a long grind to get money for the upgrades.
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