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i've sent this to the SEGA UK Customer service
The DX DLC for Sonic Adventure has a serious problem. It's achievements aren't unlockable even if we meet the requirements.
If we download the demo we download a 1.5GB file present on the Xbox Live Market since 2010. If we unlock it, instead of downloading a DRM to get full access to the game it downloads another file of 1.6GB. This file was added in 2012 (according to the Xbox Live Market).
See the xbox live website for the release date:
Now, the web have lots of forums complaining about this problem, and each time someone try to explain the problem to SEGA he get an answer like "nobody is encountering this problem, it must be you". You can chek those threads to see that it's not a few people it is EVERYODY who got the last version of Sonic Adventure.
The thread to show you that it is not the first time someone complain about this:
And the last message you sent to one of your Customer:
"Dear customer,
Thank you for contacting SEGA Europe.
We are sorry to read that you are experiencing an issue with the achievements.
To date, we have not received notification of other users encountering this kind of problem with this game’s achievements.
Most of the time issues with game achievements not being registered are related to a temporary disconnection from Xbox LIVE, even if it’s just for a moment, or to exiting the game directly using the guide button, without exiting the game and going back to the Main Menu. If any of these situations have occurred during the game sessions in which you met the conditions to gain the achievements, it is possible that the achievement hasn’t been registered correctly into your gamer’s profile.
Achievements are stored locally on your profile, but it is possible that they are not correctly synchronised with the Xbox LIVE servers. Probably your gamer profile sees the achievement as already unlocked and that’s why it doesn’t update the state of the achievement."
I have two Xbox Live accounts. On the first one, i bought the game in 2010 and was able to get the achievements of the DX DLC (see: Now in 2013, i've downloaded the game with a new account and i can't unlock the DX DLC achievements (see: X).
So, now it's up to you. Continue to tell people they are stupid or admit that the new file is bugged and update the game with the previous version of the file.
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