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So... I have gotten my review copy a couple of days ago too. But I am fairly partial about it. While it is somewhat fun if you haven't played Painkiller for all those years, it certainly isn't all that perfect. Controls feel fairly sluggish, it is really short (only 14 levels instead of the original 34 from PK + Addon) and tends to stutter when really big enemies come into play at times.

It certainly has this oldskool charme and it doesn't look all that bad, so I suppose it's not a terrible deal for a low price game. Haven't checked out Multiplayer yet, but if the leaderboards (hey GamingEconomist, saw you there!) are anything to judge by, there won't be a lot of competition at this point in time.

If I were more of a skilled player, I'd tackle an Achievement Guide - but I'm certainly not the right person to start one.

Rock on folks!
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