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I love when people get all hard on the internet, get called out on it, then just harden up even more and end up making themselves look like huge assholes. What does me being from the US have to do with ANYTHING? Why attack my personal life? Why assume I do anything for internet fame? Why continue to make random, wild accusations at all? Oh, because you're a dickbag. You don't know anything about me aside from seeing my name on some guides around the site. What, that automatically makes me a no-life loser who wants to be famous on the internet? Couldn't possibly be that I enjoy helping others with games I've played, completely free of charge, in my free time away from my work and family life. Nope, couldn't be that at all.

Anyway, to answer your question, I ran across this post because I am a mod, and I use the "New Posts" feature to browse the entirety of the forum's most recent threads. I clicked this specific post because you claimed to know the game was good but I knew it was not released yet and I wanted to know how you knew it was good. Hence the assumption by the other person that you stole it, a quick click on your gamercard (linked to your account here) and my subsequent joke that maybe you did because the word "pirate" was in your bio. One click is not exactly stalking, bro.

In no way should my nationality, social life or status on the site have been brought into this discussion, but because you had nothing else to say to me, you got into internet rage mode and acted a fool, only further making yourself look bad.

Grow up and calm down.
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I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
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