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First of all, please dont play this typical "bro" or "dude" card on me. We are not friends so please dont do it, it make you look really pathetic to be honest.

I am not hard on the internet, i dont have to, there is nothing of value there. So you came here because you know this game is not yet being released but otherwise you claim you are not interested in this game *cough* *cough*

I didnt attack your personal life i justgave an opinion what i think fits, justlike you came up with this pirate stuff, whichwas ripped out of context, to your amusement.

Sorry this whole "i really wanna help people in my free time thing because i enjoy it" is absolutely unbelievable, especially when we dig a little bit, where other players send in Walkthroughs and strangely they never got sticky, but yours a few days/weeks after got immediately sticky :-)

And hey you were the first to fuck things up, you judged me by my gamercard :-) which is really really weak and shows that you need X360a fame because you judge people by their gamercard, this is what i call "Internet Wannabee Hard and badass attitude"
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