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Player vs Player:
- More settings = Ability to limit weapons, powers, EGO Rating / Perks
- MORE MAPS! (Didn’t see this one coming)
- Better Loot that’s unique to PvP
- Vehicle based PvP
- Spectator Mode
- Private Matches (Clan vs. Clan)
- Tournament system

More PVE Content:
Group/raid instances requiring 4/8/16 players and a room temperature IQ with legitimate fights and unique loot tables.

Bulk Buy:
Buying multiple items from a vendor such as key codes.

Mark all equipped items (All Loadouts)
Mark weapons that are equipped in any load out within the inventory screen or Salvage matrix.

Scalable UI:
A way to scale the UI for both PC and Console.

Group Waypoints:
Group/Party waypoints and the ability for any group member to set them.

Auction House: (Player Economy)
Implement auction house

Player Storage:
Offer the ability outside of character inventory to store items.

Clan Storage:
Add some sort of clan wide storage/bank

Weapon Stats / Scaling on Common thru Legendary:
Tweaks to EGO scaling and weapon rarity scaling

EGO Rated PvP:
EGO-based PvP matchmaking system, ie 100-199, 200-299, 300-399, etc as well as open-ego PvP option that would have no criteria, would allow EGO/weapon scaling without unbalancing PvP

Group Size:
Group size cap raised and adjusted to match PvP team requirements (8 and 16 and higher for Shadow War)

Clan Queuing:
Clan queues for competitive maps (allow clans to queue 8 people from their clan to play true competitive play)

Improved Chat Options:
Permanent chat window (optional), as well as fix the chat window.

Open World Bosses:
Random world (shard) boss spawns

Incentivized Co-op:
Co-op loot tables or randomized loot upon completion

Searching for Group:
Pickup search system to go with 4/8 dungeons/instances if implemented, as well as option to go into them with a premade group of 4/8

Weapon Mods and Vehicle Mods Professions:
Weapon/Mod crafting (maybe even vehicle?)

Trade Options:
Ability to trade ark salvage

Loot Gratification:
Flashier weapons/armor variations

Open World PvP:
Specific zones that are “contested” or similar, in which have the option to become flagged for PvP against any players in that region who aren’t grouped with you or in your clan. Duels, w/ option to bet scrip/resources/items on duel (not required)

Arkfall Loot Tables:
Those who perform better should get better loot.

Bulk Buy/Sell:
Allow bulk selling/scrapping (select multiple items and then sell/scrap, rather than having to go through the command for each item)

Improved Clan Features:
- Option for clan leader/officers to set a ‘clan waypoint’
- Option for clans to purchase a base/hub that could be fast traveled to from the quick menu at any time. Could be bought with scrip and contain various vendors.
- Clan sigils/ outfits

Improved Phasing & Grouping:
Better phase management with friends and clan mates

Competitive Play:
Ranked ‘arena’ games (Match made 2v2, 3v3 etc. with tracked true skill matchmaking)

Dynamic Events:
World/shard-wide dynamic challenges that occur occasionally for clans/players; most experience gained by one player in x time (1 hour, 24 hours, so on) most Arkfalls completed, etc. with small rewards for winners
This is what they are considering to include based on player feedback. They have said it won't all get in but there are a couple of (highlighted) points about a 'bank'.

In relation to the DLC as well, they were due to release it on 15 April alongside the show but put it back due to all the bugs and glitches.
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