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Originally Posted by Mug View Post
im not reading the wwhole thread, but you DONT HAVE TO TURN OFF VITA CHAMBERS! If you respawn at one, just load your previous save. It works. If you say it doesn't, you're lying and you screwed up somewhere or the game bugged. I did it HEAPS of times. It's how I got the achievement so fast.

I'd love to say that is true....but it isn't. I'm pretty pissed right now. I just discovered this thread. I went through the entire game on hardest skill level, saving OFTEN, and the few times I did die, I simply loaded from a previous save, thinking that would be fine since I saved BEFORE I died and went into a Vita-chamber. When I beat the game, all I got was the "GOOD AT THIS" achievement, and did NOT get the "Brass Balls" one. Not a happy man at all.

The first poster is right, this isn't HARD to do, but the fact that some stupid bug like that with the saves is going to make me replay this thing AGAIN, I'm really not happy. Its not the difficulty...its the freakin TIME it takes.
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