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Originally Posted by KriugerisLT View Post
Do you have to play as a Castithan to experience the DLC fully? Because it's stupid. I have played over 100+hrs with my current character, I still have a long way to go until I hit 2500 EGO and after that I wouldn't want to start again.

Fail much? Why not just include more races with the start of the game, rather than a month after release?

Not meaning to bash Trion, but seriously? Not very well thought out IMO.

So to change my character's appearance, let's say: hair color, I'll have to spend RL money to do so? Lame...

P.S. - Until I get some sort of bank or storage system to put my extra stuff away without cluttering my inventory. I won't be happy with any DLC's they give out.
It never said you had to play as Castithan to experience the story DLC. It is a new character skin. Just like the other two, they play no part other than how you look.

They include more races as they make them. Seems pretty obvious and normal to me.

I don't really see how this DLC isn't well thought out. It is a TENTATIVE list.

Originally Posted by jackanape View Post
Isn't that just the big old wish list that they posted on the forums as 'what players wanted' and then bookended it with statements saying they would pretty much never have time to implement it all?

Obviously most people on the Defiance forums just saw a big list and said 'YAY LOOK AT ALL OF THE STUFF TRION IS GIVING US' without reading about the fact most of it would never even be considered. I very much doubt that most of, if any, of that will make it into the game as it is basically not in the developers best interest.

The bank thing is especially unlikely as they are currently charging people for extra inventory slots. So somewhere to store all of your goodies would negate that entirely. I saw one guy say he had over 300+ inventory slots, which implies he has spent a shitload of money. Trion are not going to nerf that revenue stream.

I think the sooner people stop seeing Trion as this big, friendly company who are only making a game to please us, the fans, rather than just another game making machine out to make as much money as possible, the better. Seriously, they are adding features and DLC to make more money - not because they want fans to get everything they want and be happy.
No, they said they have heard players' feedback and wishes and that is a compiled list of the most asked for things and things they are going to try/consider implementing in the future. They never said they were DEFINITELY going to bring them into the game, but they never said they definitely weren't going to. I am willing to be bet we will see a good chunk of that list show up in game.

Originally Posted by FSparacino4 View Post
I find it funny that I don't care about any of the paid aspects except achievements. I know they can't release all DLC achievements for free, but it seems like a money hungry move on Trion's part.
How? Because they charge for additional content like almost every single other dev? Be happy they are releasing ANY of the content for free. You don't see many devs releasing a massive chunk of DLC free and only make you pay if you want the other part.
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