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Originally Posted by xhunterrrr View Post
It never said you had to play as Castithan to experience the story DLC. It is a new character skin. Just like the other two, they play no part other than how you look.

They include more races as they make them. Seems pretty obvious and normal to me.

I don't really see how this DLC isn't well thought out. It is a TENTATIVE list.

No, they said they have heard players' feedback and wishes and that is a compiled list of the most asked for things and things they are going to try/consider implementing in the future. They never said they were DEFINITELY going to bring them into the game, but they never said they definitely weren't going to. I am willing to be bet we will see a good chunk of that list show up in game.

How? Because they charge for additional content like almost every single other dev? Be happy they are releasing ANY of the content for free. You don't see many devs releasing a massive chunk of DLC free and only make you pay if you want the other part.
It's the simple fact that this game is supposed to be an MMO with a massive amount of story to complete with other filler content to keep you busy. Instead all we got was a tiny sandbox game with a short lack luster story and repeating side quest for every region.

I'm not saying they shouldn't charge for DLC, but they need to add in a ton more free content. Every other F2P game out there offer almost endless quest/location/ect. They even continue to add content for free. What does Defiance do? Adds in easy pursuits that don't work half the time as they always have to auto-complete one for you.

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