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Originally Posted by KriugerisLT View Post
Do you have to play as a Castithan to experience the DLC fully? Because it's stupid. I have played over 100+hrs with my current character, I still have a long way to go until I hit 2500 EGO and after that I wouldn't want to start again.

Fail much? Why not just include more races with the start of the game, rather than a month after release?

Not meaning to bash Trion, but seriously? Not very well thought out IMO.

So to change my character's appearance, let's say: hair color, I'll have to spend RL money to do so? Lame...

P.S. - Until I get some sort of bank or storage system to put my extra stuff away without cluttering my inventory. I won't be happy with any DLC's they give out.

I doubt you will have to play as a Castithan to fully experience the DLC.

As to your question about releasing more races at launch...This is how practically every MMO does it. They release a limited number of races at the beginning and add more as they release expansions.

However, I do agree that first race/character change should be free or available through script.

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