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Originally Posted by xhunterrrr View Post
No, they said they have heard players' feedback and wishes and that is a compiled list of the most asked for things and things they are going to try/consider implementing in the future. They never said they were DEFINITELY going to bring them into the game, but they never said they definitely weren't going to. I am willing to be bet we will see a good chunk of that list show up in game.
That's exactly what I said.

They compiled a list of what players want and then carefully inserted a sentence right at the end which basically said "I don't how much if any of this will make it in game". They should have known what would happen.

My point was that plenty of rabid Defiance fans didn't bother to read that last part and basically we had the situation of countless posts stating how awesome Trion were and how they couldn't wait to see all of that list implemented. Which is not what Trion said at all, but by that point the damage was done.

Trion should have never posted up that list as some players will now use it as something to beat them with (even though Trion never GUARANTEED anything). It's how the internet works.

Also I do agree that the DLC does not seem like value for money in any way, shape or form (got mine with the UE so I'm grateful for that). As all of the new modes, maps and areas will be available to anyone for no extra charge. So anyone that pays for the DLC is basically getting a few new weapons, vehicles etc. Wow - colour me unimpressed.

I suppose what I should say is that I'm actually impressed with the FREE DLC (new areas, siege mode, EGO powers etc) but feel ripped off to have bought the UE specifically for the Season Pass, when the actual content we get for that is negligible.

I would also say - who cares about a new race? It is literally a different skin and, as I wear one of the full body armour outfits, you can't see my characters face anyway. Maybe if the different races actually had unique perks/attributes then it would mean something but Trion has effectively made introducing a new race about as exciting as buying some armour with bits. It's purely cosmetic.

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