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Originally Posted by Cowraffe View Post
I last played a week or two ago. The game was getting pretty stale so I decided to try a new play style. I'm subscribed to Xbox Ahoy who, if you don't know, makes fantastic weapon guides. At the end he makes a build based on what he thinks compliments the weapon. I never actually copy his builds but this time I decided to as I would've used Perks and attachments I don't actually use. I ended up using his build for the first LMG which is basically a camping build.

I'm sure you can guessed what happened. I played a match on Slums. My team blew so I camped the fountain/statue/raised platform thing at the back of one of the spawns. I was sitting in the same spot and of course killing their team because the average CoD player's nostrils flare when they get killed by somebody and constantly run to the same spot.

I got a message from some cunt reading, "camp much fagboy?" So of course I responded with "lolumad?" Anyway the loser wouldn't shut the hell up so after making fun of him I sent him another message, "You want to be an asshole to a complete stranger over nothing? Alright then..." Then I went on to spoil the ending of BioShock:Infinite as I saw he recently started to play it. I blocked him of course.

A little mean but still. It's pretty pathetic how mad he was. Yeah sure I was camping but who gives a shit? I was at the back of my spawn (couldn't leave it) and he just kept running over to me and dying. The rest of my shit teammates kept running out and dying. He could've went after them but nooo. He wanted his vengeance.
I hope you get raped by a homosexual gorilla on steroids. That guy had every right to call you out like the pussy you are. What was your response? Be a douche and ruin the ending of a game he's playing? Not childish at all. Stop being a pussy, focus on learning things in real life rather than getting a free teacher in the school of COD and you will be a better person. I meant my first statement by the way, I sincerely wish it
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