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Originally Posted by The Duke of Darkness View Post
No luck involved get in a lobby and play 7 match's and one of them will be on Boneyard. You either haven't played much or you keep backing out before the cycle finish's.
I was fortunate enough to get in my own bot lobbies in public and cycle trough all maps 3 times to get the 3 remaining boneyard wins i had left. And it took me around 3 hours... just pummeling bots...

I ain't mister love boosting, i ain't in favor of handling achievements for free and all, but on that one i support the guy... waiting an HOUR or so to just be lucky and have A SHOT at winning a game on boneyard(against 9 other persons if no bots are present) is just damn stupid... If the games would let you search for the map, get in the lobby, wait for the game to start and then play it, i would say ok , even tough i hate FFA in the first place in its concept(its no real GOW to me, but TDM of this one aint much either anyway) that achievement would be "ok" even tough a pain. Now its just damn stupid, cause if you enter boneyard your almost sure the game is aready ouch of reach with a 6-7 kills minimal lead. Cause you aint entering as soon as you join either... even if you enter at 4 kills lead, you can wait til he got 8 before spawning... stupid

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