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Originally Posted by Cowraffe View Post

Hold on let me go view your recently played games...
I genuinely just dribbled a little morning coffee over my shirt at this. XD

Wikwawa - you know, I was under the same impression. I only dabbled in Hardcore at the beginning of the week for the first time since CoD4, because I was getting sick and tired of using the SVU in core (trying to get it Gold camo so I can get rid).

The spawns switched on me sooo many times it was crazy. I was told it was my teams fault because they were pushing the other teams spawn too much, but I highly doubt that because they were getting their arses handed to them.

*shrugs* I don't know, since being done with the SVU, I haven't been back.

Played a little last night, first time in a couple of nights. I thought I'd nab me a little benefit of the double XP. Witnessed two separate players, from two separate lobbies, on the same map but in different game modes, both jump-spinning to their doom whilst trying to shoot people with their sniper rifles.

Swiftly ejected the game.
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