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Oh cool, they added the Monolith arkfall I mentioned wanting a few weeks ago.
Also it's kinda cool that you can play as a Casthian and have the [cut beta content] Charge weapons back with improvements.
Though it's kinda bogus that the Casthian class is a $10 DLC and then that you ALSO have to pay to re-spec your race into one on top of it... The paid version should include a Casthian coupon or something. =/

Now it's just time to see what all of these things break.... Anyone taking bets that changing your characters name will automatically boot you from whatever clan you happen to be in? I am...

Edit: Also I'll probably flip a table if the Casthian version if Irisa's jacket is the old Purple one that male characters used to have pre-patch. I still want my purple jacket back.
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