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Originally Posted by N7 Shadow View Post
You have about another 70ish episodes if you don't want the games to spoil it. That is assuming you are referring to Naruto Shippuden. The games are fun, but you can hold out on playing the story mode if you really enjoy watching it. Some things that happen in the anime are portrayed differently in the game. If you're talking about Naruto, and desperately want to catch up, then watch until 135, then play the story mode for Ninja Storm 2. It'll save you about 140 or so episodes. It all depends if you are willing to make the time for it.
Thanks for the reply (and apologies for the extremely late response). I was actually referring to the original Naruto series (as you can tell I am very far behind).
I really do enjoy watching the Anime, it is literally the only I am watching right now period (and only my second Anime show ever).
I am on episode 136 at the moment as there was a big lapse where I didn't watch any episodes recently.

So what your saying is watch up to 135 and finish the "Tale of young Naruto"?

Thanks again!
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