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This info has all been taken from the last "Enter the Badlands" stream, which can be found here. (DLC info starts at 27:50)

  • Challenge any other player in the world in a 1v1 duel.
  • Duel is over when one is killed or forfeits.
  • Losing player automatically recovers with no scrip penalty.
  • The winner gets a renewed sense to skill and their gear in the future.

Charge ranged weapons
  • You hold the attack button down to get the maximum effect from the weapon.
  • Within each of these weapon classes the different weapons are going to have different properities modified by their charging effects.
  • Charge ranged weapons that are going to be in the game:
    • Snipers (have been shown in alpha live streams)
    • Pistols
    • Break action shotguns

Arena missions
  • There is going to be a new Castathin figure, find him, and you might be invited to participate in his underground fight arena.
  • Series of challenges to be completed within the arena, with each challenge to reconfigure the arena layout, with added traps.

Castathin blades
  • On completing the arena mission line, you can find a Castathin blade.
  • Can also be found in lockboxes.
  • You equip it in one of your loadout slots.
  • It can be used at any time, but there's a considerable risk using it at the wrong
    time or against the wrong enemy.
  • Tap the attack button to do a quick attack.
  • Hold the attack button to charge up the blade and deal a devastating blow.

4 person vehicle
  • You're going to be able to cruise around the world in a 4 person vehicle that can
    carry your entire group.

Customize voice
  • 6 new voice packs.
  • Ranging From sturn veteran to cocky hotshot.

Volge Sieges
  • All new world event that involves the volge attacking key locations in the world.
  • When the alert goes out, get to one of the siege sites as fast as possible.
  • Start working together with fellow arkhunters to capture the valuable tech that has fallen to earth with the volge.
  • The volge offer one of the toughest challenges you've yet faced.
  • The better your team performs within the time limit of the siege, the greater the rewards at the
    end. (Unlike arkfalls).
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