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Originally Posted by Fang Ma Guo Lai View Post
My main character in Fallout 3 was named Hannibal, after Hannibal Lecter. Once I learned about the cannibalism perk i restarted with the name. I very much enjoyed roleplaying as a cannibal. Especially when I found the small 2 family cannibal town. I enjoyed eating them.
Haha you do that too? xD I love doing that in Fallout games. In Fallout New Vegas, in that Novac hotel/motel room, I have the entire place covered in torso limbs and skulls and legs and arms. xD I pretend that my character is some cannibalistic psycho. Haha. And that that 2 family cannibal town you're referring to is Andale and yeah I do that too lol.

In Skyrim I fill my houses up with a bloodied skull, human skulls, troll skulls, bloodied rags and all sorts of graphic stuff like that. xD
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