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I was going to post a 1 minute video I captured from one of my games, through Theatre Mode. It was a little snip of what I see every game, a dipshit of a team mate. And would you Adam and Eve it, he was using a Sniper Rifle.

It wasn't the usual QS'er anchor however. Surprise!

The setting is Stuido, the bottom of the map where the water and the crates are (can't describe it any better, because I hardly ever go there). It's Domination, and I've got 4 captures, and I die going for 'B' again. Then we lose 'A' (we started 'C' side), and I die again trying to recap it. I spawn down there, and what do I see? That sniper...

He's crouching behind, if I remember rightly, a generator or something, obviously scoping up the path towards 'B'. But as we all know, you can't actually see 'B' from here, because the path curves slightly. And I'm guessing, with him crouching, he can't see inside the building at 'B' either.

He sits there, for ages. Like I said, the clip was 1 minute long, but it went on for 3+ minutes before I just backed out. We get dominated, and he's still there. The enemy call in a VSAT, and he still sits there. He wasn't AFK because I stood in his way for a good 10 seconds, and he was shooting at me to get out of the way.

He had a buddy behind him (both had the same clan tag), with a SMG, who had his back, so to speak, just in case someone tried to flank them. Someone did flank, but was killed by another greenie, and I don't know if they were part of this 'party', but this person was hanging around also.

If you're going to play like this, at least do it where you can actually see the damn objective!

Anyway, like I said, I was going to post the video. I uploaded it and everything. But then it corrupted or something. GG.

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