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Originally Posted by 1001puppys View Post
Not sure if you still monitor this, but I had a few questions

I did a public match the hard way, losing over 10 games before finally asking another female to help me win real quick, lol. It promoted me from beginner to 9th kyu.

Does this not mean I can get the 1st dan in public matches? I played 10 ranked matches (win: 1, lose: 9) and got promoted once during a lost game and once for the win to 7th kyu, so it made me wonder.

I keep getting matched up against either the same person with cheap moves, or a person with 3000 matches played using new characters. Long story short, I cannot win a ranked game, ever.
Sorry for not replying earlier but ever since my 360 went RROD on me I've stopped paying attention.

You will still rank up even if you lose when you are at the early ranks in ranked matches. You can even hit 1st Dan through loses. When you get to 1st Dan through loses you will have to win the match for the achievement to pop up.

However unless something changed you shouldn't be able to rank up through public matches.

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