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I'm the pot calling the kettle black, as I hate people who claim glitched achievements when they really aren't.

But the fvucking drill sergeant acheivement is glitched...for me.

I've done that stupid thing 15 times with no luck.

-I use the devil horns
-I do NOT totally destroy the drill. I complete all 3 waves
-I've tried using a healthback to verify I didn't lose health, I've tried not even trying to use a health pack, etc etc.
-I NEVER get hit. Ever.
-I've waited in the elevator for a few minutes, played the story for the next 5 minutes, etc etc.

Total bullshit.

AND I HATE MP ACHIEVEMENTS. Aside from the drill sergeant and finishing my hardcore play through, the rest of my achievements are depend upon someone else. I can't stand that.
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