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Originally Posted by AvengingCactus7 View Post
I have never had as much trouble with a single achievement as I am having with this one. If I get ahead of him, he speeds up and hits me with his aura. If I stay behind him, Dr. Eggman kills me by the time we get half way through the stage. I have no clue how you can build up enough speed to jump to the higher part of the stage later on because you can't stop without Dr. Eggman killing you by the time you get to this point. I have played plenty of games that have achievements that are considered much harder than this, but I spent four hours straight on this. I only made it as far as the last stretch where all the tiny platforms are up top about five times. I made it to the very end once, but I hit the jump button right when I got to the door for some reason, and while I was in the air Metal Sonic passed me and went in the door. I've never really played a Sonic game before outside of for two minutes at a time very sporadically ten years ago, so I have no clue what I am doing incorrectly.
Have you been doing this boss battle in the Past or the Future? Because it is MUCH MUCH MUCH EASIER if you do it in the Past. Far less spikes, so you don't get slowed down as much. Less chance of Robotnik getting you.
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