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I never understand all the hate on dubstep. It's not my favorite electronic genre, but when people say things along the lines of "anyone could make it" or "a 2 year old invented it," they have no grasp of the structuring that goes into such music. I can understand how I can be alarming to people who are scared of noise though. I would advise said people to stay away from EDC in Vegas next month; I don't wanna see anyone have a heart attack.

Plus, it's all about setting/mindset. My alarm doesn't play dubstep in the morning (I'd kill myself), but if I'm speeding the scenic routes on my days of I'll be playing something energetic like that. Same thing for mainstream (the ignorant variety of) hip-hop. I'm not reciting Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, or Kanye at home, but at clubs it's perfect. And any upbeat music with a defined composition works well for working out.

I'm just someone who's open to all music though, so whatever.
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