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Originally Posted by CrustyDirtDemon View Post
The game is very BASIC, and anyone with half the mental capacity of a DONKEY, could figure this game out...

Like the one post said, "he played the game half asleep, with no problems"

LOL, this is one of those posts that just make you think WOW...

I have a COW... how does that change this?

But hey ANYONE that needs to write like THIS, seems to have mental problems anyway... LOL WOW.

I find it terrible that you can come in and try to belittle someone when you can't realise that YOU don't TYPE like THIS, even to make a point.... Probably still using MSN and writing like: "If YoU CaN ReAd ThIs AnD NoT CrInGe PlEaSe DiE"

Hopefully game is easy, just got on rental as its in my easy 1k list, i have come across some that are stated as easy 1k and are not. Gave up on Jumper as that last level, if you messed one tiny bit up it would actually skip you forward past the part you need for that last achievement, i dont have time to reply that much over and over :O

But simple fact is, what is easy to some might not be to others. Personally i can't say at all for this game as its not even entered my tray yet. Came looking to see if it was fun or monotonous and instead came across this.

Originally Posted by wilrc6 View Post
It's not that the game is hard is just frustrating as the controls are very clunky. It's actually very boring. But for 1000k it's relatively easy.
That is how to sum it up in a nice polite way. Much respect to you. (And i even got the answer i came to the forums to find out, for whats left of tonight i will find something more fun as im not in a points whoring mood lol)

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