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Achievement list translation

The port/reworking of the obscure G-Stream G2020 is just around the corner, so I thought I'd translate the list for those of you that can't read Japanese. I don't have the game yet, so I'm not sure what a lot of the descriptions mean right now, but there will be more information when I (or someone else like Bison Ours or Machine Ares) have a chance to play through the game.

The game is region free and goes on sale May 30th.

Trizeal Clear 50
Trizeal all clear (I imagine this is for simply clearing the game)

Trizeal 1 Coin Clear 150

Red Boss 20
Appearance of a boss three times as strong as normal

Red Sports Car 20
Try riding the red sports car once

Boss Reappearance 20
Another appearance

Boss 2nd Reappearance 20
Here's the real boss!

Mid-boss Appearance 20
Escape this guy and clear the stage!

Immediate Escape Of Aircraft Destruction 20
Reciprocity (Your guess is as good as mine)

Backfire Master 20
Burning everyone behind me!

Side Attack Master 20
Queue up these chumps

Delta Zeal Clear 50
Delta Zeal all clear

Delta Zeal 1 Coin Clear 150

Wide Shot MAX 20
Wide shot max level

Missile MAX 20
Homing Missile max level

Laser MAX 20
Laser max level

Black Hole Shot Master 20
Black Hole Shot max level

Rapid Series Appearance 20
Multiple item drop (Sounds like it's related to collecting medals)

Lots of tanks!

Train Appearance 20
Coming from above and below

Lots of submarines!

Red Submarine 20
Score 10 times the regular amount of points from this guy

Whole Game Complete 100
The real game starts from here! (This achievement name confuses me. I'd normally translate the Japanese word 解除 as 'cancellation', but 'whole game cancelled' sounds strange. I suppose in this context it means 'to be completely done with'.)

10 Year Anniversary Thanks 40
Thank you very much!

There are another three secret achievements for 40 each.

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