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Originally Posted by Tyger7 View Post
So you can't just reload a chapter? I beat the game and I think possibly didn't do it with 1 weapon, 2 max (Kalash 2012 might be one). No beating the game, then going to reload a chapter and gaining it?

So dumb! Looks like I have to play through the game again just for this and the explorer one. Does not deserve more than one playthrough, sorry Shiftie Maybe in 2010 it did, but that was 3 years ago and now it's not as impressive. I did enjoy my time so far, but I do not enjoy multiple playthroughs on technicalities. I was too busy trying to get 50 kills, 30 kills, etc with certain weapons. There wasn't enough weapon swapping places in the game to make me feel comfortable dropping it until I had the achievement.

ALSO: The chapter reload confuses me. I had killed 1 demon on my first playthrough (the one on the tower level that you have to kill). I reloaded a point and got the bow gun, bought tons of ammo and went to get the achievement related to those weapon types. I didnt complete the level. I reloaded Dead City 1 and killed a demon, using almost every bullet I had until it finally died! Even my golden bullets. These were different weapons than I had from my last reload. I quit out when I didn't get achievement. No saving icon showed up for me that I saw. I loaded the Outpost level and...I had 0 golden bullets and 7 arrows and not the right guns. What the heck? I had over 30 arrows when I quit out from a different level. It's like this game only likes to save the bad things. I might avoid the sequel for a while since they obviously don't care about people's time nor know what chapter replay should be.
As I told you, the achievements in this game unlock whenever they feel like for some people, but work fine for others. I've heard people say that reloading missions worked fine for stuff like weapons, but I know it didn't work for me when I played from where you first get the Heavy Auto Shotgun to get my weapon kills.

The sequel (so far) seems to have fewer achievement unlocking issues, however some achievements aren't unlocking at all, for anyone right now (which I honestly prefer to it MAYBE unlocking if I'm lucky).

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