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Did the achievement glitch on your account?


Did you start out on SuperSoldier Difficulty?

Did the Veteran 3/7 achievement unlock?


Did you access the tutorial from a new game or through the menu?

New game

Prior to campaign completion, did you replay missions through mission select?

not for these two achivments

If it didn't unlock initially, how did you finally get it to pop?


Did you press the X button to skip cutscenes either at the end of a chapter or during a mission briefing?

Skiped all of them and Im pretty sure it has to do with your xex file and the last guy pretty much summed up the fact. He beat it but no final video. In the xex file it shows the levels you played and the difficulty inwhich they were played. Im pretty sure that one the the levels isnt counting for you the question I have to those that it glitched on did you play through the whole chapter straight meaning you didnt stop in the middle of a chapter and then come back to it later?
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