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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Defeat View Post
Basically, Batgirl is glitched to where her bolas (Back Forward ) doesn't take any meter when you meter burn it. So this allows you to constantly do it. After you bola, you whiff which resets the combo allowing for an infinite. After you whiff the you meter burn the bolas which launches them at you. Then you can either uppercut then cancel into another bolas and repeat or Back+ then shot another bola and repeat.

It takes some high execution, I've been in training mode for about a half hour and I can barely do four reps.
Coming from Marvel vs. Capcom, this combo is piss easy for me to do. >_>

It's worth learning for Batgirl players too, because it resets the combo for some reason which means it doesn't scale the damage hard. You do it like 4-5 times and that's one lifebar gone. I expect it will be hotfixed.

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