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Originally Posted by Tyger7 View Post
I forgot to listen to Khan. I didn't really follow a guide much but as a basis. I figured I was going to miss it anyways so I did a few but not nearly what's on the list. What I didn't get was the Explorer one. Now that was quite a disappointment!
I was missing about 10 cheevos total at the end, but did most of them through chapter select (mostly weapon kills and that stuff).

Now Iīm missing only 3 - Kill 1 person with each weapons in the game, disarm 10 wire traps and the achievement that no one for really sure knows the requirement(s) - Explorer.

I will need to give it another playthrough just for those stupid cheevos lol, cause you canīt chapter select for wire traps and weaponsmith (it needs to be done in one playthrough).
Would love some confirmation on Explorer before I go for it and finally jump into Last Light, it really is a tricky achievement.
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