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Originally Posted by GeneralGranko View Post
Well, I play all of games I get on highest difficulty, and I play alot, and this one was pretty hard for me, well, everyone has itīs own style of playing games, but I had trouble with this one for sure.
Hmm strange. I'm a guy who always plays on the medium difficulty and then only does a harder difficulty after if there's an achievement for it and I usually have a lot of trouble on those harder difficulties. I had trouble in the very beginning of the game when you only have your pistol/mg and possession. As soon as the options opened up and I got a few upgrades and a couple pieces of gear I didn't die a single time until the final fight when I died once.

Maybe I just got some lucky gear pickups. I used mostly melee gear, the stuff that gives you health and salts for melee kills and sets people on fire. I rushed head long right into the middle of the enemies in most fights that didn't involve handymen or other big enemies, throw one possession and some murder of crows and melee'd the hell out of people with a couple of carbine or mg shots throw in, I rarely ran low on salts and finished most fights with full health because I could gain it back as fast as I was losing it. Then when you unlock charge (hadn't really explored that skill yet when I did my last post) later in the game with that setup if felt laughably easy.

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