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Does it get any harder?

It's probably been about two weeks since I got the game, I'd say. So far, I've gotten 100% on the forest, hospital, salt factory, and hell. I've completed all light worlds for rapture and a single bandage, and it's sitting at 36%..

I've also completed the kid levels. Took me maybe two hours, beat them the first day I'd ever played them.

Now, I figured the End would be harder, but.. I've completed every level except for the boss battle and 6x2 or 3 - From Beyond.. So, one more dark level and a boss battle and I'll go from 75% to 100% in the End.

I doubt the boss battle will give me much trouble once I sit down and truly give it a shot, as I recall I'd gotten stuck on one part and haven't bothered to try again.. And I'm about to try to do From Beyond and will have probably completed it by the time anyone replies to this, but..

Is there anything harder in the Rapture levels than what I've completed thus far? I realize I probably have to do some of the Cotton Alley levels, not sure how many of those there are, but..

Just wondering what anyone else thinks.
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