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Nice guide, folks - I've been playing all 3 parts of Tyranny and this has been helpful in some areas.

For Sequence 9, saving the crew members, I think there might be a better approach. I noticed that snipers appear periodically with each wave (not just at the beginning), and I started noticing that when I was failing, snipers had made it to the water and I was too involved in the big pack of bad guys.

Rather than trying to move quickly and hoping for luck in waves 2 and 3, I started hanging by the edge of the dock and taking out snipers immediately, and only worrying about the other guys when it was convenient. I got the condition on first try with this strategy - none of the fighters ever died from cannon fire or bad guys.

The snipers have the red open circle above them, but these markers don't show up until just after they pass the last building on the docks, so if you're back a ways fighting a large group, they're easy to miss.
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