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Originally Posted by x360OVERLORD View Post
Working on the Die Rise Easter Egg, we have 3 people with mics and experience on the map and we know what to do we are just looking for one more person. We might be able to replace our current third person if we have to but we are trying to get this EE done as soon as possible. message me on xbox my GT is x360OVERLORD
I can help ya again tonite. It was unfortunate we got to last step just to fail. 1st that one gamer was the weak link and kept fucking around. Ya need to have a couple more solid people that want this achieve and can listen and work together without goofing off. I could guide us all the way through again but with inmature people it wont help the least bit. We could have had this done by round 9-10 , instead of dying on 12.
Hit me up ill be on again tonite around same time and have no prob helping with this again.
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