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i guess this is the best place to ask this question:

regarding the app versions of these games, it says i have to buy a season pass for their respective season 2 episodes & achievements, yes? it says, however, that these passes, though cheaper as a whole compared to buying individual episodes, are only good for a year. on the other hand, are episodes purchased individually for both games also only good for a year as well, or can i access them for more than a year (until i guess the 360 servers are forever shut down)? or probably to be more specific, are these episodes saved into my hard drive or only accessed online?

i am asking this because given the current situation of xbox one already announced plus the fact that xbox 360 & 360 xbla games won't be supported by the one, i just need to know if it's better in the long run if i purchase the episodes individually since i see these two games being enjoyed by my children when they are old enough (hopefully the 360 servers are still up by that time).

any input in this would be highly appreciated.
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