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Originally Posted by Tyger7 View Post
I didn't use a guide. I just looked everywhere for the random bodies. Paid no attention to flashes. Was my second play. Didn't get my first even though I got enlightened. I just ran to every area I could and obtained it in library on a body.

Guess I need to attempt guns again. Maybe start at alley.

EDIT: Got it finally. I can say for certain, that if you ever load a chapter then it erases the kills for Weaponsmith. During Trolley Combat I got stuck on a bad save which I read around is kind of a glitch. I was forced to reload that level from the start. What you have to do is literally play through without ever loading another chapter. You can, however, save yourself an entire playthrough if it's the only achievement you need by starting at Alley and ending at when you get to Sparta for the Autoshotgun. You should get the achievement when fighting the enemies by the flamethrower. So glad to get done with this!
Even through the Explorer is seriously mysterious achievement, everyone says - bodies, gonna give it a try, just doing 2nd playthrough of Last Light, so after that - Iīm going for this, hopefully gonna do it, really donīt want to do 3rd playthrough if I fail this one (great game, but linear).
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