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Originally Posted by eiVaL View Post
this game was lame compared to the first, it turned into a mindless FPS that i couldnt wait till it was over.
Just picked this up for a fiver and cant agree with you more, its just rubbish compared to the first which I think was a mindblowing game.

This is just a standard , very linear shoot/beat em up with childish awful cartoon graphics and totally lacks originalilty and suspense of the first one.

Like Bioshock 2 , which was also a major disappointment it seems targeted at a quickly satisfied, younger audience who only like multiplayer shooters.( read: more $$)

Nothing wrong with that , I played 300 hours of Gears of War3 multiplayer, but this just lacks ANY originality whatsoever.

Can't remember any game with that more stupid A.I. who just stand there waiting to be shot and ripped apart.

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