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I hate when people think RE4 is the end all be all resident evil game, in the same calabar as FF7 and Twilight Princess with the final fantasy and Zelda series respectively. Capcom made RE5 in the likeness of RE4 and people didn't like it. Then they made RE6 which I loved, and people still didn't like it. Which is confusing because it's 4 but 10x better.

The only thing I'd say capcom needs to go back to is gruesome deaths. I'm tired of this sensored bs in 5, 6, and revelations.

On the note of revelations, I think it is unique. Very short play time, but enjoyable. I found myself playing raid mode 4x longer than the campaign. I personally love each of the stories in RE6. Chris and Piers are my OTP, Helena gets me every time she says "No more tears." and Sherry is all grown up. The games are apples and oranges.
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